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A&P Grievance Procedure
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Current A&P Grievance Policy

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  1. I want to file a grievance.  Where do I begin?

    Most issues can be resolved without filing a grievance.  Explore your other options first: discuss your concerns with your immediate supervisor.  If that is the person against whom you are grieving, talk with your department head.  Try mediation through Human Resources (844-4145, Langdon Hall).  Failing those options, start by confirming that your issue is grievable – see list here.  To begin the A&P Grievance Procedure, complete the form located here.

  2. How is a grievance handled if a faculty member is involved?

    Any grievance filed by an A&P employee will be processed according to the A&P Grievance Procedure.  This includes situations where an A&P employee files a grievance against a faculty member.

    According to the Faculty Grievance Procedure a faculty member can only file a grievance against “…administrators or other members of the faculty.”  In the unlikely event such a grievance is filed against an A&P employee, the Faculty Grievance Procedure would be utilized.

  3. Are grievance records included in an AU employee’s personnel file?

    No, grievance records will be maintained in separate file.  A&P Grievance Procedure records are housed in the Human Resources office but this information is NOT kept in employees' personnel files.

  4. Who has access to the A&P Grievance Procedure records?

    All records associate with an A&P Grievance proceeding are confidential and access to them is restricted. The A&P Grievance Committee or personnel in Human Resources may access the files for valid reasons (i.e. if subpoenaed for litigation, in conducting A&P Grievance Committee business) but they are not available for general review.   All due caution will be taken to protect the security and confidentiality of these records.

  5. With whom can I talk if I have question about the A&P Grievance Procedure that is not addressed here?

    The Chairperson of the A&P Grievance committee (listed here) will be glad to answer any other questions you have or send your question via e-mail to a&

  6. I have an issue that isn’t grievable.  What other recourse do I have?

    Discriminations issues – contact the Office of Affirmative Action-EEO at 844-4794 or via the web at

Compensation, Classification, or Performance Review issues - contact AU Human Resources at 844-4145 or via the web at


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