FAQs and Legal Resources

Frequently Asked Questions and Legal Resources

These FAQs and links to external legal resources address some of the most common questions presented by university employees to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). If your question is not answered here, please do the following prior to making an inquiry to the OGC:

Whom does the OGC represent
The OGC provides legal advice and representation to the institution, including the Auburn Campus, Auburn University Montgomery, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station.

The OGC provides legal services related to university business only. Contact your own attorney to handle personal legal matters.

May I contact the OGC for legal assistance?
The Board, the President and other designated university officials may request legal assistance for institutional issues directly from the OGC. Other university employees, offices, departments and university entities are asked to route their requests through the appropriate administrative reporting line and to the appropriate Vice President or Provost.

The office does not ordinarily provide legal assistance to university students. The office does not provide legal assistance to members of the general public, nor is the office the point of contact for general inquiries about the university.

What if I am served with a legal document (subpoena, summons, complaint, etc.)?
Upon being served with a legal document(s), a university employee should immediately notify his or her supervisor/department head and forward all documents to the Office of the General Counsel. Most legal documents require a response within a specified time frame.

What if I receive a public records request?
Upon receiving a records request, a university employee should contact his or her department/unit head in order to determine who the responsible officer is in his or her department/unit for handling records requests. Any questions concerning legal issues related to the records request should be routed via supervisors, as outlined above.

Who has the authority to sign contracts and apply for grants on behalf of the university?
University’s Contracts and Grants Accounting Policy Manual

Whom do I contact if I have questions concerning copyright issues?
Access the University’s Copyright Policy governing works produced by university employees.

Access the University’s Copyright Regulations Policy governing copyright infringement.

Last updated: 12/18/2017