Northeast Campus Utility Expansion

Project Overview:
This project extends the campus utility infrastructure across South College Street in support of university facilities on the east side of South College Street. To date, these facilities have not been on both the campus's hot water and chilled water systems, nor the university electrical power grid. Over the long run, it is deemed financially advantageous to have university facilities in this area connected to the campus utility infrastructure. Additionally, this project will make modifications to the storm water and sanitary sewer systems along Thach Avenue. The project consists of multiple phases. Each phase will be communicated to the public prior to taking place.

General Campus/Infrastructure

Targeted Timeline:

Dates are subject to change. The Construction Contact can answer any questions regarding this timeline.

Estimated Construction
Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

Board Approved Budget
$5.4 M

Square Footage

Primary Use
Other AU

Design Contact
Benjamin Burmester

Construction Contact
Andrew Spurlin

Media Contact
Martha Gentry