Student Activities Center Renovation

Project Overview:
The Student Activities Center Renovation project will renovate 33,400 square feet of the existing Student Activities Center to be used by the Division of Student Affairs. This project will provide a 1,200-seat multipurpose event space, to include an expanded stage, new lighting, theater equipment, acoustical treatment and event furniture. Additionally, the project will renovate and modernize the corridors into a pre-function space and expand restrooms to meet building code requirements for the anticipated higher occupancy levels. The project will also provide new athletic flooring in 19,600 square feet of the south portion of the existing building to be used by the Office of the Provost and the Women's Volleyball team. The project will also include minor enhancements to the exterior of the Student Activities Center.

Student Affairs

Targeted Timeline:

Dates are subject to change. The Construction Contact can answer any questions regarding this timeline.
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Estimated Construction
Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

Board Approved Budget
$7 M

Square Footage

Primary Use
Student Services

Design Contact
Bradley Prater

Construction Contact
Julie Rice

Media Contact
Martha Gentry