Engineering Shops & L Building Demolition

Project Overview:
This project will include demolition of the three Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Shops and L Building. The process will start with Engineering Shop 1, located directly behind the Gavin Engineering Research Laboratory, and continue with taking down one shop at a time before finishing with demolition of the L Building. Once demo is complete, the university will begin construction of an elevated area and terrace in this location. This new area will serve as the south entrance of Gavin to allow students a more convenient entry to the building, while also providing accessibility to the Brown-Kopel Engineering Student Achievement Center (pending board of trustees approval).

Facilities Management

Targeted Timeline:

Dates are subject to change. The Construction Contact can answer any questions regarding this timeline.
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Estimated Construction
Fall 2016 - Summer 2017

Board Approved Budget
$2 M

Square Footage

Primary Use

Design Contact
Simon Yendle

Construction Contact
Steve Haney

Media Contact
Martha Gentry