Eagles Nest Conditions for Use

Conditions for use of Eagle’s Nest North and Eagle’s Nest South are as follows:

1. No candles, fire or flame of any kind may be used.

2. These rooms are locked. Arrangements to obtain a key should be made at least five (5) business days in advance with the Haley Center Coordinator at 0005 Haley Center/844-5791.

3. Furniture and/or equipment must not be moved from one room to another or removed from these rooms or the building.

4. If furniture rearrangement within the room is necessary, all furniture is to be replaced to its proper room configuration. A copy of the room configuration is posted in each room.

5. You are not permitted to affix anything to the walls.

6. Stairwell doors must not be propped open; this is a violation of the Life Safety Code which has been adopted as the official code for the State of Alabama. If necessary, post an individual at the door to greet expectant attendees.

7. The use of intoxicating beverages and smoking materials are not permitted.

8. The Eagle's Nest areas must be left in satisfactory condition:
a. You will need to bag your trash, bags are located in kitchen drawers, and take it to the loading dock trash compactor. If you do not know where this is please ask the Building Coordinator when picking up the keys.
b. Furniture that is rearranged must be replaced to its proper room configuration.
c. All lights must be turned off.

9. In the event a key is misplaced or lost, the consignee should report it immediately to the Haley Center Building Coordinator (4-5791).

10. The consignee is responsible for the key and the space it unlocks, until the key is returned. If a key is lost, a $200.00 key replacement charge will be assessed to the consignee.

11. A $50.00 fee will be charged to any University department or organization that fails to clean the facility after use.

12. Any damage to the Eagle's Nest facilities or furniture will be charged to the University department or organization unless the responsible individual can be established.

13. Return the Eagles Nest Key to Haley 0005 when your reservation expires. There is a mail slot in the door where the key may be deposited.

14. The room may not be reserved if anyone would be excluded due to mobility impairment.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014