Haley Center Reservations

Eagle's Nest South

Eagle's Nest North and/or Eagle's Nest South may be reserved at the Haley Center Building Coordinator's office (0005 HC) by University officials and departments for official University business and functions. Chartered student organizations may reserve these rooms for special event use. No fee for attendance may be charged. Any group that plans to extend invitations to the public for attendance must notify the Haley Center Building Coordinator in advance as these requests may be denied or directed through other University offices for use of University Facilities.

The Haley Center is not available for reservation on Gameday.

Eagle's Nest North

Organizations not associated with the University or which do not have a University department account number may use this facility for special event use on a rental basis. Rental fee for each facility is $50.00 (prepaid) per event of not longer than four (4) hours duration. Rental for events longer than 4 hours will be an additional prepayment of $50.00 for each hour beyond the original 4-hour rental period.

Lobby Reservations

Haley Center lobby may be reserved for academic purposes only.  The reservation must be submitted at least five business days in advance and be approved by the Haley Center Coordinator.  If anything is to be sold or given away free it must also be approved by the Auburn University Bookstore Director, Catherine Lee.  Please contact the Building Coordinator for additional information regarding its use.

Last Updated: December 09, 2016