Eagles Nest Closing Procedures

Once your group has concluded its use of the Eagle’s Nest, you should follow this checklist to assure that the Nest is left in a condition which will prevent the assessment of a penalty.

  • Wipe all table tops and kitchen counter tops which have been used.  You are expected to furnish your own supplies for cleanup of the facility.

  • Place all trash in cans and remove trash bags.  Put new bags in trash cans (to be found in kitchen drawer).

  • Take trash to trash compactor located outside Haley Center near the loading dock on Duncan Drive (facing the football stadium).  Do not leave trash, etc. in the hallway of the Nest or on the 9th floor.

  • Return all furniture to its original location (see illustration posted in room).

  • Turn off all lights.

  • Lock all doors.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014