Eagles Nest Access Instructions

There are two doors to the Eagle's Nest. The first is a card reader door which requires a Banner ID to be activated for access. Advance reservation of five  (5) business days is required for this process. This activation will give you access to the tenth floor.

There is no elevator from the ninth floor to the tenth floor and all guests must be able to use the stairs for you to reserve the Eagle’s Nest.  The room may not be reserved if anyone would be excluded due to mobility impairment.

On the form is a space for the ID number(s) of the person(s) who will be using their ID card to open the door. Only their card will work on the door and it will only open at the precise times listed on the reservation.  If you are issued a new ID prior to your event date please resubmit the reservation form with your reissue date listed in the comment field.

The second door is a keyed door. The key must be signed out from the Building Coordinator’s office. Please make arrangements to pick up the key at least five business days prior to your reservation date. All conditions on the Reservation, Conditions of Use, and Access Guidelines must be read and complied with.

Last Updated: December 12, 2016