Food Warming and Cooking Guidelines

The use of open flame devices are subject to the AU Risk Management Fire Safety Department's approval.  Therefore, these guidelines may be increased or the use be prohibited if AU Risk Management Fire Safety Staff determines that there is a need for increased safety.

  • Only utilize warmer or cook top equipment that has been certified by Underwriters Laboratory.
  • Ensure that an attendant will remain in close proximity until any sterno or butane is extinguished
  • Ensure that a fire extinguisher is located within fifteen (15) feet of the above activity and that the aforementioned attendant will be familiar with the location of the fire extinguisher and will be trained in its use.
  • All spare sterno and butane cartridges will be stored in a secure location at least ten (10) feet away from the tent in which the above activity will occur.
  • All buffet lines and/or food stations shall be at least ten (10) feet away from exits and two (2) feet away from the sides of the tent for sterno and four (4) feet away from the sides of the  tent for butane powered cook tops.
  • Hot Coals from charcoal cookers must be disposed of properly before leaving the tailgate site.
  • Oils of any kind cannot be disposed of in an storm drain or sanitary sewer.  Please repackage and remove from site.

Last Updated: December 20, 2016