Campus Planning & Space Management



According to the Auburn University Board of Trustees’ Campus Planning, Capital Projects and Space Management Policy (adopted 9/1/2006 & reaffirmed 6/19/2009); all Auburn University property and facilities belong to the University as a whole. These assets are subject to sale, lease, modification, removal, assignment, and reassignment as deemed appropriate to:

  • Accomplish the institutional mission;
  • Implement established priorities;
  • Attain a safer and healthier environment;
  • Achieve operational efficiency and economy; and
  • Improve the land use, space utilization, or appearance of the institution.

Implementation of and adherence to this Policy shall serve to raise the assurance that all Auburn University property and facilities are deemed necessary and are planned:

  • integrally, with strategic, academic, and financial plans;
  • comprehensively, and in coordination with concurrent plans;
  • responsibly, in pursuit of optimum allocation, utilization, and operation;
  • fiscally, for the maximum benefit of available resources;
  • aesthetically, to express an image that Auburn is a place of quality, excellence, and rich tradition.

The Office of Campus Planning & Space Management is responsible for the development of procedures for campus planning, capital project planning, and space management which incorporate, amplify, and complement existing policies for the main campus and other properties.

Campus Planning Resources

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014
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