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Campus Landscape Master Plan

Auburn University is currently reshaping its approach to facilities planning for the 21st century. The University is updating its Comprehensive Campus Master Plan to provide an all-inclusive framework for the University’s facilities capital investment program and set policy for all future University development of campus buildings and landscape. In addition, the University is initiating the development of a Campus Landscape Master Plan as a companion plan, specifically formulated to reference, inform, and implement the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan, while advancing in more detail the role of campus landscape.

The Auburn University landscape is defined as the sum of all open space, including roadways and parking, requiring a comprehensive approach to address the environmental and social objectives of the University. Conceptually, the campus is made up of two landscapes:  the ecological landscape, governed by biophysical processes; and, the cultural landscape, governed by the social activities and experience of Auburn’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other supporters. The Campus Landscape Master Plan should engender the performance and value of both of these conceptual landscapes through a holistic approach based on Ecology, to foster the development of an integrated, thriving open space system.

The intent in the development of the Campus Landscape Master Plan is fourfold:

  • Develop an integrated, Ecologically-based landscape and open space management system that helps Auburn University achieve its goals of environmental sustainability;
  • Develop a campus landscape management system that enhances the living, working, learning , and research environment to foster Auburn University’s goals of academic excellence;
  • Develop a landscape management system that unifies the campus, protecting and enhancing the image and character of Auburn University; and
  • Create a companion tool to the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan that will advance the role of the campus landscape.

For additional details on the proposed plan, please see the Plan Requirements for the Campus Landscape Master Plan.

Auburn University will issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) via the State of Alabama Building Commission website , to solicit Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified professionals licensed in the State of Alabama to consult with the University in the creation of a Campus Landscape Master Plan. Please see State of Alabama Building Commission website , and the Campus Landscape Master Plan Consultant Selection Schedule for additional details.

Links to additional information related to the Campus Landscape Master Plan are below:

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014
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