Campus Master Plan Process

The Campus Master Planning process is initiated by the Auburn University Board of Trustees with the objective of revisiting the master plan at least once every five years. The frequency of major revisions to the master plan is driven by changes in the strategic and academic plans of the university. The current Comprehensive Campus Master Plan was developed for in 2002. It is envisioned that a major master planning process will be initiated by 2007.

The ongoing implementation and minor revisions to the master plan are managed by the Auburn University Campus Planning Committee under the direction of the Auburn University President. This Committee is responsible for leading future major master planning processes.

In order to be effective, the master planning process must be inclusive, cooperative and developed around a consensus vision for the campus. Therefore, as the process begins, different committees will be formed that include Auburn University constituents to ensure input is received from all affected groups. Additionally, individuals can voice their opinions via our contact us page.

A Master Plan kick-off meeting and subsequent meetings will be scheduled and a detailed schedule will be available from this site.

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2010
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