Update Process

2013 Master Plan Update – Campus Involvement and Participation

The Master Plan Update is the result of an extensive three-year long planning process designed to engage the campus administration, faculty, staff, and students in open and participatory consultation. The Master Plan Update was developed with extensive involvement and participation of the Auburn University community. Over 160 different meetings were held with university stakeholders including advisory groups and committees as well as leaders from all Colleges & Schools, University Senate, Student Government Association, Administrative & Professional Assembly, Staff Council and major non-academic units. In addition, six Provost Open Forums were held to gain additional input.

The table below summarizes the number of stakeholder meetings held:

Space Analysis
Campus Design
Senior Leadership 15 12 27
Committees 3 11 14
Academic Units 17 33 50
Non-Academic Units 13 20 33
Advisory Groups 11 5 16
Space Planning Groups 18 18
Government 2 2
Open Forums 6 6
TOTAL 77 89 166

2013 Master Plan Update – Phases and Action Plan

Action Plan

Phase 1 IconThis first phase was completed in fall 2010. In this phase, CPSM worked with University leadership and Advisory Groups– including officers of the University Senate, Administrative & Professional Assembly, Staff Council, Student Government Association, and Graduate Student Council – to develop a consensus-building process for updating the Master Plan.

Phase 2 IconThe space analysis phase was completed in the fall of 2011. In this phase, facility needs for academic and non-academic units were identified through the development of two primary tools:  the Space Planning Model and the Planning Considerations. The Space Planning Model will allow CPSM to continually evaluate the University’s space needs at a macro scale. (For additional info on the Space Planning Model click here) In addition to the modeling effort, a College/School/Unit Space Planning Considerations Document (Planning Considerations) was also created for most all academic and non-academic units. The Planning Considerations link the strategic direction of units on campus to the resulting impacts on future facilities. (For additional info on the Planning Considerations, click here.)

Phase 3 Icon The second half of the Master Plan Update process was focused on re-evaluating the principles and components that make up the Master Plan. This revamping of the Master Plan includes refining the existing planning parameters and re-shaping the plan as needed so it best functions as the urban design framework to guide future development on campus.

Phase 4 IconProject implementation is constantly moving forward at Auburn University: new buildings are under construction, existing building are being renovated, major and minor interior and exterior projects have started and will continue.  Now that the Master Plan Update is complete the University has a revamped vision for the future of the main campus and new tools to identify long range facility needs, that help guide future projects on the Auburn University campus.

Please see the Appendix section for links to presentation videos, slide shows, and other documentation of the Master Plan Update process.

Last Updated: April 06, 2016