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Project Execution Meeting

Within Facilities, a Program Management organization has been established to help ensure that the projects are successfully executed in a timely manner.   The mission of the Program Management function is to:

  • Manage the entire program or portfolio Facilities projects to ensure that all projects are progressing successfully against established milestones to achieve completion within the fiscal year. 
  • Develop Project Execution Plans that detail what projects the Facilities will fund and execute within a fiscal year. 
  • Track projects through the project identification, requirements/scope development, estimating/budgeting, planning, design, procurement, and construction phases.  Establishes milestones for each phase and tracks completion of projects against milestones.   per the Project Execution Plans throughout the execution process
  • Develop status reports regarding project program progress for detailed internal Facilities use as well as to communicate that progress to the clients, the AVP of Facilities and other University leaders.  
  • Direct the other Facility Management Directors in issues regarding project execution. 
  • Resolve project problems and obstacles that prevent project execution. 
  • Identify process problems, bottlenecks, capability, and capacity issues that need resolution to improve project execution. 
  • Lead improvement teams of Directors, Assistant Directors, Managers, and clients to correct these problems and to improve project execution.  
  • Develop, collect, analyze,  and publish execution metrics and statistics.  

Borrowing a reference from the Project Management Institute’s, A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge, a program is defined as “a group of projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.”  Program Management is intended to span broadly across all of our client groups and the Facility Management groups and resources, such as the:  University Architect, Campus Planning & Space Management, Design Services, Project Management, In-House Construction, Maintenance & Operations, Utilities & Energy Mgmt, Building Services, and Facilities Financial Services.  In summary, the goal of Facilities Program Management is to drive the execution of projects across all of these functional areas to ensure successful completion of the entire program of projects.

Furthermore, and to better focus on our clients and each of their projects, Facilities Program Management has been divided into two primary client groups with a Program Manager assigned to each. The first group is referred to as the “Blue Group”, which is essentially for all projects that are derived from the non-academic groups (Administration, Athletics, Student Affairs, Auxiliary Services, OIT, Facilities, etc).  The next group is referred to as the “Orange Group”, which is for all of the Academic & Provost related projects.

Program Management Reports are provided for client use under the “Projects” section of the Facilities Website.

Ron Booth Director (334) 750-0643
David DiPofi Assistant Director (334) 703-7284
Dan Berry Program Manager (334) 844-9115
Josh Conradson Special Projects Coordinator (334) 740-8218
Tyler Hand Projects Coordinator (334) 703-2517

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2014
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