Electrical Shop

The Electrical Shop supplies electrical service within buildings throughout campus. The Electrical Shop makes repairs to equipment and restores power in the event of incidental power outages within buildings on the secondary side of transformers. They maintain and keep operative all exit and emergency lighting. The Electrical Shop is on call 24 hours per day to keep power supplied at its optimal level. The primary function of the Electrical Shop is to provide a safe and well lit environment for students, faculty and staff.
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  • 334-844-2380

Some of the common functions and services provided by the Electrical Shop are:
  • Resetting tripped breakers
  • Repair and maintenance of outside lights under 12' in height
  • Maintenance and resetting of building clocks
  • Repair of lights inside of buildings
  • Repair and maintenance of fire alarm system

Last Updated: January 09, 2017