Carpentry Shop

The Carpentry Shop maintains building structures and interior components for buildings on campus. They provide repair service for classrooms, offices, and public access areas throughout the year. They provide special service to classrooms during semester breaks. The Carpentry Shop is on call 24 hours and they handle emergencies as they arise. The key function of the Carpentry Shop is to ensure that the best possible learning, teaching and research environment is provided to the students, faculty and staff.
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  • 334-844-4545

Common functions and services provided by the Carpentry Shop are:

  • Repair and replace damaged walls and other wood surfaces
  • Repair desk and other classroom furnishings
  • Repair and replace sheetrock, ceiling tiles, vinyl tile flooring and other related items
  • Repair and replace windows, including broken glass and blinds
  • Build cabinets, counters, desktops and other related items
  • Install and/or hang pictures, bulletin boards, chalkboards and other related items
  • Install and repair restroom partitions and tissue and towel dispensers
  • Repair and replace doors, including door jambs and lite kits

Last Updated: January 09, 2017