Access Control

Access Control is located on the bottom floor of the Stadium Parking Deck.

Access Control provides keys and card access to all areas of campus. They install locks on doors, install cores in locks, and repair locks. The install card, proximity, and biometric readers on doors and buildings.  Access Control operates an extensive computer management system for keys, carts, and biometrics that provides this service to campus.  The primary function of access Control is to provide a secure environment for students, faculty, staff and guests of Auburn University.

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  • 334-844-9446
  • 334-844-9434

Helpful Information

  • Make and issue keys
  • Provide cores for doors and pad locks
  • Provide and repair locks
  • Provide, install and maintain card readers, proximity readers, and biometric readers
  • Repair and replacement of door hardware to ensure doors are working properly

The stadium parking deck is located at the corner of Heisman and Duncan Drives and near the Roosevelt Concourse.

Last Updated: January 23, 2017