Service Support Moving Services

Support Services is available to move furniture and equipment. Requests should be placed with Work Management by calling 844-HELP at least 10 business days before the moving date. Departments will be billed through Direct Charge. If you have questions please contact Michael Hood.

Not sure if this is the moving service you want?  Click here for the Moving Information Directory.

Typical Move Request Process

Step 1: Send a memo to Property Services, Linda Lauderdale, describing the move and key participants.

Step 2: Once the move is approved by Property Services a Work Order is created and sent to Service Support.

Step 3: Service Support contacts and coordinates move with Customer.

What to do Before Movers Arrive:

  • View Move Check List
  • Empty Desks to be Moved
  • Unplug Computers and other Electronic Equipment
  • Empty Lateral File Cabinets
  • Box Files to be Moved
  • Label all Boxes with the Department Name, Owner Name, New Building Name, and New Room Number

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Last Updated: December 11, 2015