Pest Services/Wildlife Control

Our Contractor is to provide all necessary management, supervision, labor, materials, supplies, equipment and vehicles to implement a comprehensive, up-to-date, Integrated Pest Management Program to accomplish the surveillance, trapping, pesticide application, and pest removal components of the program.  Auburn University expects that at least one full-time person will be assigned to this contract. Normal work hours for the pest control and related work shall be 7:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. 


*The Racoon was not harmed during its capture and release.

Scope of Services

The Contractor shall adequately suppress the following pests:

  • Indoor populations of rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, fleas, and any other arthropod pests not specifically excluded from the Scope of Services.
  • Populations of the above pests that are located outside of the specified buildings, but within the property boundaries of the building (5’ to 10’ from building).

Last Updated: December 11, 2015