Preventive Maintenance

Work Management (Submit a Workorder) 844-4357 (HELP)
Kenneth Howard Supervisor 703-9940
Tony Wolfe Asst. Supervisor 750-2778

Preventive Maintenance has four zones with crews that work primarily on second shift, performing extensive preventive and predictive maintenance on nearly 10,000 pieces of equipment in over 100 major Facilities managed buildings on main campus. Also, the Preventive Maintenance department performs room inspections on each room of each building and reports findings through the work order system. Another function of the Preventive Maintenance department is to perform quality assurance inspections on mechanical equipment. The primary responsibility of the Preventive Maintenance department is to find and repair problems before building occupants have to call in work orders and to provide a safe and functional environment for students, faculty and staff.

Preventative MaintenanceSome common functions and services provided by Preventive Maintenance are:

  • Heat/Air Conditioner filter and belt replacement
  • Electrical Systems cleaning and adjustments
  • Plumbing systems maintenance
  • Building inspections
  • Quality assurance

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014
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