Construction Management & Client Relations

The Construction Management & Client Relations department oversees three major areas, as well as Client Relations development across campus.

The University Engineer serves as a liaison with the state, county and local authorities. In this role the engineer: 

  • Provides code interpretation.
  • Conducts fire and life safety inspections on construction projects.
  • Manages repair and renovation funding.
  • Oversees Facilities Condition Assessments and commissioning programs.
  • Works with the Auburn University's Department of Public Safety, on installation of new security systems. 

Oversees all aspects of the construction phase of contracted public works projects to achieve the quality and function necessary to support Auburn University's mission while limiting impacts on faculty, staff, students and the public. This includes oversight of project scopes, budgets, contracts, designers, contractors, etc. It also includes code and contract compliance and projects' day-to-day operational and tactical aspects. 

Oversees four major areas, which include Contracts Administration, Estimating, Document and Records Retention, and Campus Relocation Services. 

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Last Updated: May 29, 2019