Comprehensive Campus Master Plan 2012 Update

  • Academic Buildings in the Core of the Campus - replace deteriorating academic buildings including Haley, Parker, Allison, Funchess, Upchurch, Spidle; renovate and preserve historic building including Comer, Mary Martin, Textile, Petrie and Ramsey.
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  • Campus Landscape – master plan to address the landscape of Auburn and guide future landscape changes, building site and green space designs, low impact development, as well as the restoration and protection of Parkerson Mill Creek.
  • Campus Quality of Life – plan to address the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and visitors to include, but not limited to, dining, recreational and entertainment opportunities.
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  • Campus Security – plan to address campus security, to ensure a safe environment for students, faculty and staff.
  • Campus Transportation – plan to address campus traffic flow, the pedestrian nature of the campus, transit capability, non-motorized modes of transportation, and parking in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.
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  • Health Science Sector at the Auburn University Main Campus – development of a Health Science Sector, within the Auburn University Main Campus, that would consist of health science-related academic and research facilities, including but not limited to the School of Pharmacy, the School of Nursing, AU clinical spaces, and other health related, instructional, research and outreach activities.
  • Long Range Land Use – long range plan for land use on campus, including, but not limited to:  agricultural, forestry, research, recreational, athletic, service, student life, and revenue producing opportunities, as well as issues relative to the University-City of Auburn interface at the “edge” of campus.
  • Research Capability - plan for research space to address the University’s Strategic Goal to “build a stronger and larger research enterprise.
  • Space needs of Colleges and Schools – plan to address the space requirements of the University’s Colleges and Schools resulting from potential future program and enrollment changes, as well as the impact of new instructional approaches and technologies.
  • Sports and Athletic Facilities – plan to address future requirements of the Athletic Department and its teams, as well as a plan that improves the football “Gameday” and athletics events experience for the campus community and fans.
  • Student Housing – identification of potential sites for future on-campus student housing.
  • Sustainable Practices – incorporation of sustainable practices into the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan 2012 Update and the Landscape Master Plan to build on the sustainability concepts of the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan 2008 Update.  

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2012
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