Volunteer of the Year 2010

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Department would like to recognize Sara Geonczy as our Volunteer of 2010.  We wish to extend great thanks toSara Geonczy Sara for fulfilling more than 15 hours of volunteer service with us!  Dedicated volunteers like Sara have been an essential component of our Gameday Recycling Program’s success.  She kindly took the time to answer a few of our questions in an interview found below.

Sara, what are you studying here at Auburn and where are you from?

I'm from Alpharetta, GA, a northern suburb of Atlanta.
I am studying environmental science and hope to also minor in sustainability and business.

You showed up for nearly every home football game last season to help with our Gameday Recycling efforts - What kept you so motivated?

In retrospect, it makes it seem like I had no life. Well, I am not too interested in football, but I still wanted to be part of the famous football atmosphere at Auburn. And what better way than to go around in bright green t-shirts handing out recycling bags to tailgaters! I had also been a part of organizing recycling for my high school, so it brought back some good memories. I have always been interested in waste reduction and never quite understood why humans have to generate so much unnecessary trash. But the fact of the matter is, tailgaters, whether I like it or not, generate an unfathomable amount of trash. And while recycling is probably not the best solution, as far as I'm concerned it's the best thing to do under the current circumstances. And it feels stellar being a part of the Auburn recycling team! All the volunteers are so friendly! =)

From your experience as a Gameday volunteer, do you think Auburn fans & tailgaters are catching on to our recycling efforts?

Yes, very much so. After passing out bags at a few games, tailgaters started recognizing us and were very friendly and receptive to our recycling efforts. Some even saved bags from last game to use. Others were concerned that we hadn't visited them at the previous game! The more we continue to show our presence, the more it will become customary.

Finally, could you see the act of recycling at tailgates becoming another one of the great Auburn traditions?

I certainly hope so! In all honesty, I don't really see an Auburn recruiter or tour guide telling prospective students about Game Day recycling in the same league as "rolling Toomer's Corner" or yelling "War Eagle" (although that would be beyond awesome). I certainly think, however, that it will be another expected part of the football experience, and will hopefully grow and become more widely recognized. In fact, I remember as I was passing out recycling bags someone telling me that mention of Auburn recycling efforts had appeared in a South Carolina newspaper article on the game between the two schools!

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