Electronics Recycling

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 The East Alabama Recycling Partnership hosted an Electronics Recycling and Document Shredding March 23, 2013.


Collection Totals:

Food Bank of East Alabama - $326.69 and 122lbs. in food donations

Electronic and Secure Document Shredding totals coming soon.


The next E-Cycle will take place in the Fall of 2013.

Stay tuned for a date, time, and location announcement.


Since 2009, Electronics Recycling Events have been very successful, with 58 tons of electronic waste and 6.5 tons of documents recycled by residents of Lee County.

The East Alabama Recycling Partnership is comprised of the recycling counterparts at Auburn University, City of Auburn, City of Opelika, and Lee County. The group was formed in 2009 in an effort to combine resources and expertise with plans to create a regional recycling program. Since the formation of this partnership, three consecutive annual grant awards have been funded through the Alabama Recycling Fund offered by the Alabama Dept. of Environmental Management (ADEM) totaling $522,666 for equipment and materials.

How to help reduce electronics waste

1) “Consider the need” - Ultimately the most sustainable “option” is the item that you don't need to purchase.

2) “Does the purchase match my/our values?” - What is your vision of a sustainable world, what is the shared vision of the Auburn Family... and does this purchase fit with those values?

3) “Close the recycling loop” - For global recycling efforts to work, people need to purchase recycled-content products.

Ewaste Life Cycle

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