Pitney Bowes Arrival® Software

Pitney Bowes Arrival® System automates the tracking of mail and packages after they reach the Campus Mail Center. Arrival® ensures full accountability for critical parcels and documents until they are delivered to the addressees. It also simplifies delivery logging, reporting and prioritization for mail-center staff.

Benefits include:

  • Barcode readers to identify and record the name of the carrier that delivered each item
  • Electronically capture and store the signature of anyone who accepts delivery of a parcel or letter
  • Track and report the receipt of damaged items
  • Provide internal tracking and accountability
  • Build custom delivery-manifest lists that prioritize deliveries by department, delivery routes or mail stops
  • Improve internal delivery processes
  • Easily determine internal location and delivery status of any inbound parcel
  • Increase employee accountability for package handling
  • Request email notification when parcels addressed to them reach the mail center
  • Send electronic instructions to the mail center when deliveries require special handling

Arrival® is also helping to reduce the use of paper within the Residential Housing Mail Rooms. Notification slips were placed into each student's mailbox. Previously, students were required to check their mailbox to see if they had a package. Not all students were diligent about checking their mailboxes. Packages were often left for days and weeks without being received. Beginning Fall 2011, students will receive e-mail notifications to their official AU e-mail account.



Last Updated: Jan 19, 2011
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