Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive my personal mail at my Auburn departmental address?

No. The University requires all faculty and staff to receive their personal mail at home or permanent address. Occasional correspondence from friends and colleagues is not considered personal mail.

Can I send my personal mail through Campus Mail Service and bill it to my department?

As a courtesy to University faculty and staff, Campus Mail Service will pick-up any stamped personal mail from departments along with other mail that is picked up at a regular pick-up location. Personal Mail must be sealed and have the correct postage affixed. All stamped mail should be kept separate from all other mail. Personal mail cannot be billed to a departmental account; no exceptions.

I am changing departments on campus and need to have my mail forwarded to my new location. How can I have my mail forwarded?

A change of your campus location must be acted upon promptly. It is solely up to you and your department to make arrangements on receiving mail that is still addressed to your old location. Campus Mail Services will not redirect mail that has an incorrect address. All changes should be made through the Departmental HR contact and Banner.

When is the deadline to drop off mail to Campus Mail Services?

All outgoing USPS Mail should be at Campus Mail Service no later than 2:45 PM in order for Mail Processing Clerks to have ample time to process your mail.

What is the difference between Permit #9 and Permit #530?

Permit #9 should be used when mailing items locally, i.e. Auburn area. Please ensure your local vendors are using Permit #9.

Permit #530 should be used when mailing items in Montgomery.

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2011
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