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Planning a move on campus?  Facilities Management offers services from a simple move to the most complicated move.  Depending on the situation, you can utilize one of the following services.

Contracted Moving Services

The mission of the Campus Relocation Coordinator is to provide assistance in campus move planning, provide information on move guidelines, and provide support during the move process.

  • Typical contracted moves are at the request of a project, however non-project assistance is available.
  • Contracted move assistance is chargeable via a Purchase Order.
  • The Campus Relocation Coordinator interfaces with the Service Support Supervisor to assess best options for move assistance.
  • Sizes of moves range from small to large.
  • Types of moves include the following:
    • Interoffice
    • Relocation due to renovation
    • Relocation to new building
    • Immediate moves due to water or fire damages
    • Laboratory moves
    • Library moves
    • Surplus moves

Service Support Moving Services

Service Support strives to assist the Auburn University Community by providing diverse logistic services which are performed safely and efficiently. We aim to support the University's three-prong mission of Instruction, Research and Extension.

  • Move assistance is provided through work orders submitted by customers (departments, schools, colleges or other Facilities Management shops).  Most moves are routine in nature and occur daily across campus. 
  • The Service Support Supervisor interfaces with the Campus Relocation Coordinator to assess best options for move assistance.
  • Types of moves include the following:
    • Interoffice
    • Moves due to renovation
    • Surplus equipment
    • Delivery of surplus equipment purchases
    • Delivery of materials/equipment received at Facilities Stock Room
    • Special/Unique move requests will be evaluated for best course of action.
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Last Updated: April 18, 2016