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Auburn University

F10 Special Construction

  1. Lightning Protection

    1. All buildings shall have (passive type) lightning protection system.

    2. UL Master Label or LPI System Certificate to be provided; lightning protection system to be installed by qualified UL or LPI installer; lightning protection system specification to be provided and installed system to comply with NFPA 780, UL96, and UL96A.

  2. Card Access

    1. Meet with Facilities Division personnel from Access Control at the beginning of the project to coordinate the requirements for card access on each project.

    2. Card access shall be installed on all large classrooms, main after hours entrances and laboratories.

    3. Card access control panel shall be located in a telecommunications room. Verify that sufficient space is allocated for equipment.

    4. Card access system shall be Best BASIS/Lenel.

    5. Each building’s security requirements shall be determined through a conference with designers, Facilities Division personnel, the University Architect, and College/Department personnel.

    6. Obtain additional specifications from Auburn University Security Tech. Supervisor.

    7. All new buildings shall be equipped with card access, which shall be operational in offpeak hours (typically 9pm-6am). Computer Labs shall be secured from 5pm-7am.

    8. If ADA operator is used on any card access door, the door shall have both swipe reader and proximity reader tied into BASIS.

    9. Any door monitored by Access Control systems that does not have a card reader shall have a P1R (motion detector) RTE (roughest to exit) device to mask exiting traffic.

  3. CCTV

    1. If CCTV cameras are used, all head-end equipment shall be compatible with NICEVision systems.
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