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E20 Furnishings

  1. General

    1. All furniture selections shall be coordinated with project manager and approved by the University.

    2. Use of draperies is discouraged in the University facilities and may be used only with specific approval of the University. One inch, horizontal metal blinds shall typically be used on windows for individual offices and in areas where outside light control is desired.

    3. Fixed seating shall be 20" wide as a minimum. Proper spacing shall be allowed for the physically challenged.

    4. Designers shall work with vendors and oversee the installation of furnishings.

    5. At the time of project closeout the designer will provide the AU Project Manager with a binder containing all furnishing specs to include:

      1. Vendor name

      2. Warranty information

      3. Model number

      4. Fabric

      5. Other pertinent information

    6. All furniture ordered needs to match the type of flooring that it will be used on. For example, carpet casters are needed for furniture that will be placed on carpet.

    7. Furniture for new buildings or major renovation projects shall be new. A furnishings line item shall be included in the project budget to cover the cost of new furnishings. Existing furnishings shall not be relocated and used in new buildings or renovated buildings.

    8. Finishes for new furnishings shall be consistent throughout new or renovated buildings.

    9. Any exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the University.

  2. Desk Groups

    1. Must have a minimum warranty of 10 years for single shift use.

    2. Veneers are to be Grade A, First Quality.

    3. All plastic laminates shall be high pressure laminate.

    4. Joints to be securely fastened, glued and screwed with concealed fasteners preferred. Joints without screws shall hold for full ten year warranty.

    5. Medium density fiber board, particle board or wheat board must have a minimum density of 45 lb. per cubic ft.

    6. Drawer Slides must be: Full extension, progressive action drawer suspension; positive stop action for box slides; steel ball bearing file drawer suspension with smooth, quiet operation.

    7. Box drawers shall be warranted to hold a minimum of 50 lbs and file drawers shall be warranted to hold a minimum of 100 lbs. for 24-30” deep drawers, 130 lbs for 36” deep drawers.

    8. All desks shall have the capacity to be specified with a fully integrated cable management system.

    9. All desks shall be equipped with leveling glides. Glides shall be countersunk into hardwood edge at bottom of desk panel. Glide shall consist of countersunk threaded metal sleeve and adjustable threaded metal glide.

    10. Tops shall be constructed to be dimensionally stable and shall be a minimum 1 1/16” thick.

    11. The following are examples of acceptable products for quality, aesthetic and cost purposes, products other than the ones listed may be submitted to the Owner’s Representative for approval.

      1. Traditional

        • Indiana Desk -Jefferson

        • Kimball Desk – Senator

        • Paoli Desk – Savannah

      2. Transitional

        • JSI Desk – Broadway

        • National Desk- Escalade

        • Paoli Desk – Revolve

      3. Contemporary

        • Indiana Desk – Madera

        • Kimball Desk – Definition

        • Dar Ran Desk- Spec Collection
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