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Appendix I: Site Survey General Checklist

  1. General Requirements

    1. All drawings and work shall be tied to the State Plane Coordinate System.

    2. All drawings and work shall be tied to two of the Auburn University permanent control monuments.

    3. As-built drawings should be provided in electronic format (AutoCAD version 2006) utilizing the State Plane Coordinate System and the two Auburn University permanent control monuments.

  2. Survey Requirements - The surveyor should plot the following as indicated: (Note: Work shall include removal of silt and debris materials to establish depth of competent soils in sections and elevations.)

    1. Contours:

      1. Establish permanent base reference elevation point from which contours are established and elevation of building floors can be determined.

      2. Benchmark should be mean sea level reference where possible.

      3. Include entire site, extending contours 25' beyond property lines and to the far side of adjacent streets.

      4. 1' intervals for sites with majority of slopes under 10% (atypical site).

      5. 2' intervals for sites with majority of slopes over 10% (typical site).

      6. Provide spot elevation of existing structure, curbs, crown of roads), drainage rims/covers, top and bottom of retaining walls, etc.

      7. Show any rapid change in grade on adjacent property.

      8. Provide spot elevations across site at 50 foot grid intervals.

    2. Frontage improvements:

      1. Walks

      2. Curb and gutter Page 1 of 1 Appendix I – Site Survey General Checklist Last revised 1/29/09

      3. Culverts

      4. Other (identify)

    3. Existing construction:

      1. Buildings

      2. Roads

      3. Sidewalks

      4. Etc.

    4. Trees: All flowering trees or shade trees 6" caliper and larger. Show genus (if known), species, and caliper.

    5. Utility service: aerial and underground including but not limited to the list below (Research records of each utility service. Abandoned utility lines are not the responsibility of the surveyor as they can not be easily located. Assume easement right-of ways carry the same for utilities.)

      1. Water: size

      2. Gas : size

      3. Sewer: size, invert elevation

      4. Storm sewer: size, invert elevation

      5. Electric power

      6. Telephone lines

      7. Cable T.V.

      8. Fire hydrants

      9. Auburn University steam and condenser return

      10. Auburn University chilled water

      11. Auburn University data communications

      12. Auburn University power

      13. Auburn University Natural Gas

      14. Closest point of tie-in if not on site

    6. Unusual site characteristics:

      1. Wells

      2. Ditches and canals.

      3. Springs, seeps, etc.

      4. Bodies of water (lakes, ponds, wetlands, floodplains, stream etc..) Stream data to include spot elevation in channel & top banks

    7. Services - The surveyor should quote the following special plots for additional services:

      1. Boundary survey for records: maximum size 17" x 21".

      2. Utility plots without topographical and spot elevation.

      3. Contours without spot elevations.

    The surveyor’s proposal should include the following information:

    1. Fee for survey.

    2. Time to perform work from notice to proceed.

    3. Past experience with the Board of Trustees.

    4. Experience of knowledge of the Auburn University campus.

    5. List of similar size projects and references.

    6. Professional Liability Limits of Coverage.

    7. Units cost to uncover paved over manholes.

    Time is of the essence in performing this work effort. Check with the Auburn University Facilities Division for any special requirements related to the project.


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