Auburn University Facilities Management is responsible for the coordination of planning, design, construction, maintenance, operations and infrastructure of Auburn’s campus. With more than 450 employees, we have in-house teams of architects, engineers, construction managers, designers, skilled craftsmen and custodial service staff who take great pride in delivering high quality and on-time customer service.

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Auburn University is investing in building innovative learning environments that encourage scholarship, enrichment and community. We invite you to visit the Major Construction Projects page to explore construction taking place on Auburn’s campus. The page includes “Bidding Soon”, “Under Construction” and “Upcoming” construction projects. Each project page includes an overview, status, campus impact, timelines, rendering, contacts and more.

Visit the Major Construction Projects page for more information.

All contractors must register with Facilities Management, then pre-qualify for specific projects and each project they wish to bid on. To pre-qualify, contractors must contact the project lead and complete a pre-qualification packet. Once you have been pre-qualified for a specific project, you may reference the bid calendar for the official bid date and documents.

Register, prequalify and choose bid opportunities.

Occasionally disruptions and road closures occur on campus. Facilities posts notices and updates in order to inform our publics of these disruptions and closures. We provide maps and alternate routes, when possible. To receive notifications about disruptions and closures via email and/or text message, sign up for the Facilities Notification System. Subscribers have the opportunity to select notification preferences such as specific buildings and types of outages.

Facilities Management maintains the Building Information Portal for Auburn University. The portal makes it easy to find information, pictures and directions to Auburn University’s hundreds of buildings. Each building profile includes the location, departments within and floor plans (only available to Auburn students, faculty and staff). The Building Information Portal is linked to the Auburn University Campus Map.

Visit the Facilities Management Building Information Portal.

Bid calendars are divided into two types, Large Public Works (LPW) and Small Public Works (SPW). In order for a project to be considered a large public work, it must be over $50,000, and small public works projects fall under $50,000. Each bid opportunity on the calendar includes the project number and name, location and start to end times of the bid, as well as a description of the bid.

View the SPW Calendar or the LPW Calendar.