Employee Recognition

Auburn Facilities Management has an employee recognition program that recognizes excellence in the areas of team work, safety, cost reduction, customer service, support and leadership excellence, technical-professional skill and craftsmanship.  An Employee Recognition Committee handles the awarding of three of the award types described below.  The Employees of the Year are selected by Dan King, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management.

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Certificate of Appreciation

Recognizing individuals for a one-time act of outstanding performance

Employees earning the Certificate of Appreciation receive a four-hour paid leave slip to be used within one month of receiving the award.  This time off must be coordinated with the employee’s direct supervisor.  The recipient’s name will be placed on the Certificate of Appreciation Board.

Tiger Ticket

Recognizing individuals with consistent outstanding job performance

Tiger Ticket recipients receive an eight-hour paid leave slip to be used within one month of receiving the award.  This time off must be coordinated with the employee’s direct supervisor. Recipients will also receive an invitation to an awards luncheon and a polo shirt which may be worn on Fridays in place of their required uniform. (Wearing the polo shirt does not excuse any employee from fulfilling their normal work duties.)  The recipient’s name will be placed on the Tiger Ticket Board.    All Tiger Ticket recipients will qualify as nominees for the Tiger of the Year.

Tiger of the Year and two Runner-Ups

Recognizing the top three Tiger Ticket recipients as the most outstanding employees of the year

These will be awarded at the end of the year and chosen from the Tiger Ticket recipients awarded throughout the calendar year.  The Tiger of the Year Award is given to the Tiger Ticket recipient that has displayed exemplary efforts on behalf of Facilities Management in the past year.  Two honorable mentions will be given to two runner-ups to the Tiger of the Year recipient.  The awards for these honors will be presented at the annual Christmas dinner.  These awards will have a high enough dollar value to require the employees to be charged taxes.  According to current IRS tax codes; these taxes must be withdrawn from the winners’ pay before the end of the calendar year.  (No additional time off will be awarded due to the significant prize level being awarded.)

Employees of the Year

A description about Employees of the Year will be included here soon.

Last Updated: March 20, 2014