Committee Members

The following is a list of 2017 members of the Employee Recognition Committee:


  • Anna Ruth Gatlin, Chair
  • Joan Hicken, Chair-elect
  • Dan Berry
  • Nolan Torbert
  • Nickey Jackson
  • Zachary Channell
  • Denise Roebuck
  • Conan (Daniel) Devine
  • Matt Greer
  • Michael McCain
  • Michial McCormick
  • Richary Guether


  • Vanessa Kleypas, Secretary
  • Maggie Barlow, Communications and Marketing- advising role
  • Martha Gentry, Communications and Marketing- advising role
  • Ted Bryant, Human Resources- advising role
  • Richard Caldwell, Past Chair- advising role

Click here for a list of full listing of committee roles and past committee members.

Last Updated: April 18, 2017