Design Standards

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Design Standards have been compiled for use by designers, contractors, and university administrative personnel who participate in the construction process at Auburn University.  The information presented here is to be used as standards for all construction projects undertaken by Auburn University.  All persons involved in construction projects with Auburn University must adhere to these standards.

The Design Standards shall familiarize its users with requirements for consultants and the building elements and systems required by Auburn University.  Exception to these standards may be granted by filling out the Variance Request Form in Appendix B.  This from shall be submitted to the Auburn University Facilities Management for review and approval prior to proceeding with a deviation from the Standards.

Please take note of the The “Consultant Requirements” for consultants and the “Technical Requirements/Standards” for building systems and construction.  The “Technical Requirements” are organized in ASTM Uniformat II.

Just like building practices the design standards will change over time as new building systems are developed and incorporated in to mainstream.  All parties participating in the construction process are encouraged to make suggestions with regard to improving this document and the construction process at Auburn University.  These suggestions shall be submitted to the Facilities Management on the Standards Revision Form included in Appendix C.

Design professionals will be required to provide a signed letter certifying that Auburn University Design and Construction Standards have been incorporated into documents that are being provided to Auburn University.  Certification letter shall be provided by Architect/Engineer prior to advertising for bidding.

Please direct any question about this document to the Auburn University Facilities Management, Design Services Office at 334.844.9450.

Last Updated: May 01, 2014