Outstanding Performances

The Auburn University Facilities Management has many exceptional people who do a great job supporting the University each and every day.  All of them deserve to be recognized and thanked for their tremendous service.  This web page honors those stellar performers who have done a particularly outstanding job on large, difficult and challenging tasks in recent months.  It is my hope that this small token of recognition will serve to thank them and let them know that their superb service, dedication, and hard work is greatly appreciated.   

Please join me in congratulating these Auburn University Facilities Management “Outstanding Performers”.

Dan King
Assistant Vice President
Facilities Management

Awards and Recognition Team

In order to better recognize and thank the many Facilities Management personnel who do an excellent job supporting Auburn University, I commissioned a team, comprised of members of our staff, to develop an Awards and Recognition Program for Facilities Management.  Their task was to develop a meaningful, yet workable, program that allowed Facilities Management supervisors to show their  thanks and appreciation to our exceptional performers.  more>>

Lloyd Albert and Game Day crew

Football games are a MAJOR event at Auburn University.  Tens of thousands of spectators flood the campus to tailgate and attend the games.  Hundreds of families in recreational vehicles from all over the state and opposing schools camp on campus two or three days in advance to enjoy the Auburn experience.  Supporting these games and the huge number of people that come on campus requires an extraordinary level of preparation and support to ensure that the game day experience is a positive and safe one for Auburn alumni and fans. more>>

David DiPofi, Scott Fuller and David Roberson for Village Housing project

The Village Housing project was Auburn University’s single largest project ever.  This $92 million project, designed to house over 1,700 students, was massive in size, scope, and complexity.  Given this challenge, the Facilities Management team of David DiPofi, Scott Fuller, and David Roberson did an exceptional job working with the contractors, the construction manager, the architect, and the clients to successfully complete this project in time for student occupancy for the 2009-2010 school year. more>>

In House Construction Crew for Caribou Coffee at RGB Library

The In-House Construction team of the Facilities Management did an outstanding job constructing the Caribou Coffee Shop in the RBD Library over the summer and early fall of 2009.  Under the direction of Burl Sumlin and Randy Long, this project was led by Ronnie Ward. more>>

Landscaping crew for Village Housing and Campus Green projects

The Facilities Management Landscaping crew did an outstanding job this fall finishing two very large and challenging landscaping projects at the Campus Green, adjacent to the Stadium and Student Recreation Center, and the Village Housing project. more>>

Glenn Adams and Greg Williams for developing the prioritization database

Auburn University recently implemented a process to identify projects and prioritize them to assist the University in making project investment decisions.  Begun in May, 2009, over 200 projects were submitted by the Vice Presidents,  Deans, and Directors across campus.  To handle this large amount of data and to facilitate the prioritization process through its many steps, Glenn Adams and Greg Williams of the Facilities Management Information Technology staff innovatively  developed a sophisticated database to support this major University effort.  more>>

Barnese Adair-Wallace and Victoria Tate for Custodial contract solicitation

Barnese Adair Wallace and Victoria Tate did an exceptional job in directing and executing the contract re-solicitation for the Auburn University Custodial Contract.   Valued at over $2 million, Barnese and Victoria worked for many months to develop a new contract specification and set of client requirement so that Auburn University could solicit a new custodial contract since the existing contract expired on 30 October, 2009. more>>

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2011
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