Game Day Crew

Gameday Crew

Outside Stadium Game Day Crew

Lloyd Albert, Roger Hill, Comer Mask, Joe Lewis, Reaco Echols, Kenny Pitts, Nathan Evans, Grant McDonald, Cedric Patterson, Jim Griffin, George Merritt, David Merritt, Lamar Finley, Tim Watts, Dorothy McCurdy, Teresina Page Muhammad, Robin Kilpatrick, Davis Ray, Tony Wolfe, Tony Ogletree, Frank Tyner, Larry McGhar, Steve Kirk, Greg Coltrane, David Floyd, James Greene, Mark Hankes, James Watts,  Steven Robertson, Rex Whatley, Ruffin Duncan, Robert Maddox, Joseph Ellis, Pete Dunaway, Broderick Gibson, Ronald Kellum, Jason Cosby, Pedro Ramirez, Curtis Yancey, George Jones, Jim Neiswinger, Tommy Newman, Aubrey Bryant, Allen Ledbetter, William Harry, James Lyons, Robert Joyce, John Bufford, Tom Orr, Frank Chappell, Kenneth Cosby, Bill Florence, Charles Maddox, Geoff Malone, Larry McGhar, Jerry Ledbetter, Eric O'Brien, Jim Ray, Darron Strickland, Travis Tally, Jerry Bridges, Wayne Staley, Emmitt Kelly, Richard Deason, Corbin Hamby, Carlos Flakes, Morris Randolph, Joey Catrett , Larry Burt, Jonathon Cullars, Tenn Estes, Connie Hamil, Sonora Russell, Sandra Harris, Donna Giles, Delores Smith, Katie Mayo, Amanda Smith, Bobby Preston, Jonathon Sandlin, Angelo Hathcock, Tommy Parten, Jim Gilchrist, Tom Cobb, Glenn Welch, Matt Cherry, Kenneth Estes, Frank Long, Frank Long Jr., Amy Hart, Randy Green, Shawn Harrelson, Ramsaran Seetaram, James Pearson, James Barnes, Greg Harper, Glenn Kelley, Paul John, Nathan Wohleb, Dealdrin Finley, Brent McGarity, Pat Hornsby, Roydrell Lawson, Jason Cosby, Ronald Kellum,  Jody Martin, Jay Amling, Lancey Ballard, Paul Barringer, Alan Brown, Terrence Brown, Renaya Carter, Kim Crawford, Jerry Dowdell, Johnnie Enels, Jason Hall, Matt Heard, Eddie Hodges, Jason Holifield, Willie Humphrey, Phillip Hurdle, Robert Jones, Tracy Lockhart, Eddie Logan, David Morgan, Melissa Newton, Scott Olin, Arnold Pattillo, Gary Reuss, Glenn Rodgers, Lee Scott, Anthony Smith, Earl Smith, Danny Spradlin, Jim Stillwell, Mike Suits, Garland Trimble


Football games are a MAJOR event at Auburn University.  Tens of thousands of spectators flood the campus to tailgate and attend the games.  Families travel from all over the country to tailgate and enjoy the Auburn Experiance.  Supporting these games and the huge number of people that come on campus requires an extraordinary level of preparation and support to ensure that the game day experience is a positive and safe one for Auburn alumni and fans.  Set up for these games begins week before the football season, the operation  continues all fall.   Over 150 Facilities Management personnel are involved in each game.  Led and orchestrated by Lloyd Albert, the Game Day team does an exceptional job providing fan support, manning rest rooms, ensuring building and utility system problems are resolved in a quick, safe, and timely manner.  The dedication and spirit of the Game Day crew in doing this is most impressive.  Thanks to the entire crew, Auburn football games are a great experience for the fans.   

Dan King, AVP for Facilities 

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2011
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