Employee Pharmacy Renovations Improve Patient Care

Employee Pharmacy

By Gail Riese

Employee PharmacyThe Harrison School of Pharmacy held an open house on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, to feature their newly renovated space in the Employee Pharmacy.  The Facility Management In-house Construction team completed the renovation project in August 2013.

While the footprint of the pharmacy remained the same, the 800 square-foot space was reconfigured to allow the staff to operate more efficiently.

“The renovation is a big improvement. Before we had little hallways and the space was very tight. The customer counter was moved forward, allowing for the back area to be more open with more room. The space is very accessible and we are not running into each other.  We have more room for production, filling, and verification,” said Pharmacist Cliff Beasley.

Renovation work included new partitions, shelving units, room finishes, HVAC, plumbing, electrical power and data service, fire alarm and automatic sprinkler systems.

“The renovation has helped with our work flow and it helps our patients, too.  The proximity of our dedicated patient counseling room to our pharmacists allows us to better serve our patients. We are right around the corner and can be part of the patient’s experience by assisting them with any questions in a private setting,” stated Pharmacist Greg Peden.

Employee Pharmacy

Employee Pharmacy
Shelving units for pharmaceutical inventory

Employee Pharmacy
Pharmacist verifying prescription medication dispensed by automated dispensing cabinet

Last Updated: April 07, 2014