New mail delivery system in Haley Center more efficient for staff and Mail Services

Receiving mail from locker

By Gail Riese

intelligent lockerA new, electronic system for mail delivery and retrieval is receiving rave reviews from the staff and faculty in Haley Center.

Auburn University Mail Services has installed user-friendly mail lockers in the basement of Haley Center. The modular design of the locker system provides a range of configurations that allows over-sized packages and letters to be easily delivered and retrieved by each organizational unit in the building. 

The first step of the mail delivery process is that Mail Services loads each unit's mail into a locker that is sized to accommodate that day's mail. When the locker is loaded, an email notification is automatically sent to the unit's representative. That employee enters a one-time PIN code onto a touch screen and the locker opens, allowing the employee to retrieve the unit's mail.   Because the employee waits until receiving the email notification before attempting to retrieve the mail, this system prevents unnecessary trips to the Haley Center mail room.

"It's been a joy. It keeps me from making a wasted trip to the basement and makes my day more efficient. Lickety-split – I can get my mail!" said Kenyetta Sinclair, Administrative Support Associate, Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling – College of Education

Enterring PINThe new locker system is also having a positive impact on Mail Services' operations. "We no longer have to deliver bulky parcels to individual desktops or make multiple attempts if the recipient isn't available. We can easily fit larger packages into the lockers. This is saving us both time and labor," said Whit Allen, Manager, Mail Services.

The system is integrated with the University’s network so delivery and pick-ups are automatically tracked and documented, ensuring a secure chain-of-custody.

"In the near future, we plan to add a new feature to the system that will allow our customers to also pick up Express and Certified Mail.  Recipients will be notified by email that a signature-required package has been delivered and all they will need to do is sign their name on the touch screen. We are very excited about the timeliness and convenience this new feature will provide for our customers," said Allen.

Last Updated: April 18, 2014