Facilities Management reorganizes; creates Office of University Architect

Facilities Management has merged the University Architect and Campus Planning and Space Management organizations, forming the Office of the University Architect. The reorganization is precipitated in part by the impending retirement of Tom Tillman, the Director of University Planning. A member of the Auburn University family for more than 50 years, Tom will serve as Special Assistant to the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management during the finalization of the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan 2012 Update which is planned for summer 2013.

The newly-created organization will come under the direction of University Architect Greg Parsons. Greg has been with the university for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, the Office of the University Architect will be responsible for the design of major campus buildings, the Comprehensive Campus Master Plan, and the Landscape Master Plan. The Office will manage the planning and review process for property, infrastructure, buildings, and space requirements in support of the University’s academic and non-academic missions. Furthermore, the Office will develop plans in support of capital investment decisions.

Jim Carroll, Capital Project Program Architect, will manage the design phase of capital projects that are directed by the Office of the University Architect. Capital projects typically exceed $750,000 and are approved by the Board of Trustees. Jim is also serving as the University Design Project Manager for the Central Classroom Facility.

As part of the reorganization, Jeffrey Dumars has been named Assistant Director of Campus Planning and Space Management.  In this capacity, he will be responsible for the assessment of the land, building, and space needs of the University and oversight of the comprehensive campus and landscape master plans.

Last Updated: April 07, 2014