CDV demolition set to begin June 20

By Martha G. Koontz

Construction fencing will begin to surround the Caroline Draughon Village, or CDV,  beginning the week of June 20 as contractors prepare to demolish the six former residence halls and CDV Services Building. The project is expected to finish in late October.

According to Facilities Management Construction Manager, Joshua Conradson, surrounding parking lots will remain open and lit during demolition.

“We worked closely with our contractors to create a plan that will keep construction fencing located as close to the site as possible without closing the surrounding parking lots, or removing a group of trees located in the center of the complex,” he said.

The residence halls were built in 1979 and have not been used for housing since 2010, said Jeffrey Dumars, Assistant Director Campus Planning and Space Management.

“Future plans for the site are still to be determined, but our short-term goal is to create a green space for our students, faculty, staff and visitors,” he said. “While not completely spelled out at this time, the proposed long-term use for the site is campus housing.”

A construction fence will remain around the site through the fall 2016 football season.

Contact Construction Manager Joshua Conradson,, or Communications Specialist Martha Koontz, with any questions.

Last Updated: June 15, 2016