Facilities Feature: Suzanne Irby Webster

Ken Martin

Second-generation Auburn University alum Suzanne Irby Webster earned a Bachelor of Science in Building Science and a Master in Public Administration. Her father graduated in 1952 from AU Veterinary Medicine and was on the football team’s starting line as a full back as well as a defensive tight end. Suzanne paired her love for Auburn with her desire to work in the construction industry and joined AU Facilities Management 17 years ago as its first female construction manager.

What led you into the construction industry?

I was amazed by carpenters who transformed houses. I thought it would be a great field where I could make a difference.

What challenges do you face as a female project manager?

The presumption that I don't know what it's like in the field. Some of the greatest knowledge I obtained was while working my way through college as a construction laborer.

Which AU project has been the most fun and why?

Recreation and Wellness. The size of the building is incredible – 237,000 square feet. The challenges were rewarding and Jennifer Jarvis, Director of Campus Recreation, is a great client!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

No two projects are ever the same. I am constantly learning and experiencing new opportunities.

Why are you such a huge Aubie fan?

Aubie epitomizes all of the things I love about AU!

What other interests do you enjoy away from work?

I enjoy being with my family, riding horses, coaching tee ball, and fishing.

Last Updated: August 03, 2016