COVID-19 Health and Exposure Updates

COVID-19 Health and Exposure Updates

Campus Specific COVID-19 Data


Following the transition to remote operations in March 2020, the university has closely monitored the prevalence of COVID-19 among our campus and local communities University administrators work closely with the director of the AU Medical Clinic to evaluate positive cases reported to assess whether there is any immediate threat to the health or safety of those on campus.

Decision-Making for Campus Operations

While the university closely monitors positive cases reported through the Self-Report form and the Sentinel testing, the university has not identified a specific threshold of positive cases that elicit a significant modification in university operations. The university’s primary decision-making regarding safe operations depends on several complex factors, including but not limited to, (1) nature of operations, (2) continued prevalence of the disease in the community, (3) impact on local healthcare facilities, and (4) guidance from state and federal public health agencies and officials.

COVID-19 in the Campus Community

Auburn University operates twelve separate campuses. Data on positive COVID-19 cases among the AU community (AU faculty, staff, students, contractors, and others) will be provided, broken down by campus, weekly  (Monday – Sunday). These cases include those provided through the Self-Report Form or the GuideSafe Sentinel Testing.

The cumulative total does not represent all positive cases within the campus community, as the university may not be notified of those who either do not self-report their positive result or are not tested through sentinel testing.

This information is shared to be transparent and to remind our campus community of the need to follow safety guidelines.

COVID-19 in Alabama

Individuals are encouraged to supplement this information by accessing case data provided by the Alabama Department of Public Health website, which is reflecting data at both the state and county levels. The AU main campus is located in Lee County. See the list of other campuses for their county locations.

Other sites such as compile information from official sources and present it in different formats that you might find useful.

Contact Tracing

The Alabama Department of Public Health oversees tracing and notification of credible contacts (currently defined by the CDC as those who have been within 6’ of the person who tested positive for 15 minutes or more). When needed and staffing allows, the AU Medical Clinic and the COVID-19 Resource Center may assist with that effort. If you are determined to be at increased risk due to close contact with an individual who tested positive, you will be contacted where possible and given instructions on any actions you should take.

In many cases, affected individuals may reach out to others personally to make them aware. If you are concerned about potential exposure to someone who has tested positive, you are encouraged to contact your healthcare provider or the AU Medical Clinic at 334-844-9825 for guidance.


Please respect others' privacy and do not identify them if you know or believe they have tested positive for COVID-19. Let’s support our Auburn family during this difficult time and allow those directly impacted time to heal privately.



Last updated: 09/15/2020