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Why the need to change Auburn University's current timekeeping process?
Auburn University's current timekeeping process is manually intensive, cumbersome, and time consuming. In addition to posing serious security risks, manual data entry processes are more prone to errors which may affect employees' pay.

Why automate Auburn's timekeeping process?
To ensure employees are paid accurately and effectively for the work performed.

Is TigerTime ("Kronos") already in use at Auburn University?
Yes. TigerTime is already being used by:
  •  AU Libraries
  •  Clinical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine
  •  Facilities Management
  •  ITS, Facilities, Library, and Public Safety at Auburn University Montgomery

Will any other processes change in conjunction with TigerTime?
Three processes will change:
  1.  the elimination of paper time sheets,
  2.  electronic paid time off requests in Phase II 2014,
  3.  electronic approvals and submissions

Will employees have time sheets?
Yes. Each employee will have an electronic time sheet in TigerTime.

Will the time sheet editing process be eliminated?
No. Edits to employee time sheets will continue to be made as necessary; however, these edits will take place electronically by supervisors within TigerTime.


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