Benefits Changes for 2013


Health Insurance

Premiums - The University's health and dental insurance plans are self-funded. This means that every dollar spent for your health/dental claims that isn't paid by you through your premiums, copays, deductibles and co-insurance is paid by Auburn University

The total claims paid increased by 3% from 2011 to 2012, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is estimating a 7% increase in claims paid for 2013. As a result, premiums for 2013 will increase, though only by 3% across all tiers. The ratio used to determine the cost of family coverage will also be expanded from 2.2 times the employee only cost to 2.25 times the employee cost to more closely reflect the number of individuals covered, and the amount of usage, under our family plans. This ratio will be adjusted a little at the time over the coming years until the ratio more accurately reflects the total cost of coverage for our families compared to those with employee only coverage. Please see the 2013 Health Insurance Rates and New Dental Coverage Tiers for the new premium rates.

Healthy Tigers - IMPORTANT! In order to continue to receive your $25 per month (or $30 per month over 10 months for 9 month faculty) Healthy Tigers discount beyond December 31, 2012, you and your spouse (if currently enrolled in the health insurance coverage) MUST be screened during the 2012 calendar year (screenings must be repeated each year). Test results must be conducted in 2012 and any required follow-up must be completed (if results are abnormal) for the benefit to take effect on January 1, 2013. All information about this benefit is posted on the Healthy Tigers web site.

Appointments are coordinated by the Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center (AUPCC) located in 2155 Walker Building, Harrison School of Pharmacy and may be scheduled on-line through the Healthy Tigers website. Those who do not have internet access may call the AUPCC at (334)844-4099. Screenings will not be scheduled during the month of December. In lieu of screenings through the AUPCC, an employee who sees his/her doctor regularly and has the required test results may have the doctor submit a Healthcare Provider Screening Form to AUPCC to verify discount eligibility. The Healthcare Provider Screening Form must be received in the AUPCC by noon on December 19, 2012 in order to qualify you for the 2013 discount to begin in January.

NOTE: Lab costs associated with some of the Healthy Tigers screening procedures, if conducted by your physician, may be billable to you unless they are deemed to be medically necessary. Please talk with your doctor to determine how this might affect you.


Dental Insurance

As we did with the health insurance last year, we are adding additional coverage tiers to the dental insurance for 2013. In addition to the Employee Only and Family tiers, we are adding "Employee + Spouse" and "Employee + Child(ren)" tiers in an effort to be able to more closely align the premiums for the plan with how the costs to the plan are incurred. Please see the 2013 Health Insurance Rates and New Dental Coverage Tiers to help you understand the changes and the new premium rates. You will not need to do anything to be correctly assigned to the new tiers, if appropriate. Blue Cross Blue Shield will place all enrollees in the appropriate tiers based on the dependents enrolled on your contract. It will be important for you to watch your first check stub in 2013 that reflects the new rates to ensure that the proper deductions are taken based on the new tier structure, and to let us know if you believe the tier was incorrectly assigned to you.


Vision Insurance

Premiums - There will be no change to premiums for the vision plans for 2013!


Flexible Spending Accounts

If you participated in the FSA Plan during 2012, your election will end December 31, 2012. You must re-enroll each year.

As part of the new Affordable Care Act, the annual maximum for the Health Care Flex account will be $2,500 for 2013. In addition, we will now treat the Outside Premium Reimbursement Account (OPRA) as a stand-alone benefit, and you may elect to contribute $5,000 to that account. The Dependent Care Flex account annual maximum will remain at $5,000.

Additional details about the FSA plan and any forms (e.g., Reimbursement and Direct Deposit Forms) you may need may be found at


Long Term Care

Effective June 30, 2013, Prudential will no longer be offering new enrollments into the Long Term Care plan offered today. As a result, if you are interested in enrolling in the coverage, you should do so during Open Enrollment. Policies existing as of June 30, 2013 will continue to be honored - Prudential will just not be accepting new enrollments after that date.

Baby Yourself Participation and Deductible Waiver

Baby Yourself is a prenatal wellness program that helps ensure expectant mothers and their babies receive the best possible healthcare during pregnancy. This program is available at no cost to expectant mothers who are enrolled in the Auburn University health plan, regardless of whether or not their pregnancy is normal or high risk. (Note: Auburn's health insurance plan does not cover maternity benefits for dependent children of any age regardless of marital status).

If you enroll in the Baby Yourself program during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, Auburn will waive your $100 hospital deductible for the delivery of your baby! That is $100 you save just for enrolling and completing participation in this program.

If you are pregnant and would like to participate in the Baby Yourself program, there are two options to enroll.

Qualifying Event Notification Period Change

Effective January 1, 2013, the notification period required when you have a personal qualifying event that could affect your benefits coverage will change from 30 days to 45 days. This means that if you have a baby, get married or divorced or adopt a new child, etc., and wish to make changes to your insurance elections, you will now have 45 days to notify us and to make the changes to your benefits. After 45 days, you will be required to wait until the next Open Enrollment to make any election changes.

W-2 Insurance Reporting

Due to the new Affordable Care Act, you will see some new information reported on your 2012 W-2 that you will receive in January 2013. In box 12dd, we will report the total cost of your insurance coverage for 2012. This is for informational purposes only - you will not be required to do anything with that information.

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