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Federal Health Professions Loan Information

The Federal Health Profession Student Loans are low-interest, long-term loans made through the university to help needy undergraduate and graduate students pay post secondary educational costs. Auburn University has two types of Health Professions loans - Health Professions Pharmacy Loans and Health Professions Veterinary Loans. When a borrower repays a Health Professions loan, the money is returned to the funds and then redistributed to current students as new Health Professions Loans. If you are interested in obtaining a Federal Health Professions Loans, please contact the Financial Aid Department. Once Financial Aid has awarded you a Health Professions loan, you will be contacted by email when you can electronically sign your note at

Interest Rate
The current fixed interest rate on Health Professions Student Loans is 5%. The interest rate is stated on the borrower's promissory note, repayment schedule, and the statement of rights and responsibilities provided to the borrower at the time the loan is disbursed and again at the exit interview.

Grace Period
The term "grace period" refers to the period of time before the borrower must begin repayment of a student loan. Grace periods begin when a student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time, withdraws, or graduates from the university. During a grace period, no interest accrues and payments are not required. Please refer to your promissory note for details.

Special Loan Provisions
The Health Professions Loans contains special provisions allowing borrowers to defer payment while 1) serving on active duty as a member of the uniformed service of the United States, for up to three years; 2) serving as a volunteer under the Peace Corps Act, for up to three years; 3) pursue advanced professional training, including internships and residencies; 4) pursue a full-time course of study at a health professions school eligible for participation in the Health Professions Student Loan program; 5) leave Auburn University, with the intent to return to Auburn University as a full-time student, to engage in a full-time educational activity which is directly related to the health profession for which the borrower is preparing, as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the Secretary), for up to two years; 6) participate in a fellowship training program or a full-time educational activity which is directly related to the health profession for which the borrower is preparing at Auburn University, and is engaged in within 12 months after the completion of borrower's participation in such training, for up to two years.

Loan Repayment
Repayment of a Health Professions Student Loan begins when the grace period ends. At the time a borrower drops below half-time enrollment or leaves Auburn University, the University must conduct an exit interview. During the interview, pertinent information and a repayment schedule are provided to the borrower. Please see our Exit Interview for more detailed information. Loan payments are due on the first of each month. Monthly payment amount depends on the amount borrowed, with a minimum payment of $40.00 per month. The repayment period may not exceed 10 years except under special circumstances. Campus Partners sends monthly statements 20 days prior to the due date to loan borrowers. However, payment of your debt is not contingent upon receipt of a statement. If you do not receive a statement, you should mail your payment Campus Partners. Please include your loan number on the check to insure that it is posted properly to your account. You may pay your loan on-line at Or you may mail the payment to:

Campus Partners
PO Box 2901
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2901
Borrower Service Telephone Number: 1-800-334-8609


Student Financial Services · Mary Martin Hall
Auburn University · Alabama 36849 USA