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"Forbearance" is the temporary cessation of payments, allowing an extension of time for making payments, or accepting smaller payments than were previously scheduled. Interest will continue to accrue during any period of forbearance. The borrower must request forbearance in writing, providing documentation that supports the borrower's claim that he or she is financially unable to make payments. Forbearance provisions are included in Section 674.33(d) of the Final Rule published in the Federal Register on November 30, 1994.

Forbearance may be granted for a period of up to one year at a time. Forbearance may be renewed, but the periods of forbearance collectively may not exceed a total of three years. Both loan principal and any interest that accrues may be included in the forbearance, unless the borrower chooses to pay interest that accrues. The borrower and the school must agree upon the terms of forbearance in writing. The forbearance is in the form of a temporary cessation of payments unless the borrower chooses one of the alternative types of forbearance (an extension of time for making payments, or making smaller payments).

  1. The total amount the borrower is obligated to pay monthly on all Title IV SFA (Student Financial Aid) loans is equal to or greater than 20 percent of the borrower's "total monthly gross income". Example: If the borrower's total monthly gross income is $1000, 20% of $1000 is $200. If the borrower's total monthly payments on all SFA loans is $200 or more, then the borrower is eligible for forbearance.
    1. The borrower MUST submit evidence showing the amount of the most recent total monthly gross income received by the borrower.
    2. The borrower MUST submit evidence showing the amount of the monthly payments owed by the borrower for the most recent month of the borrower's Title IV SFA loans.
  2. The borrower may qualify for forbearance due to poor health or for other acceptable reasons or if the Department of Education authorizes a period of forbearance due to a national military mobilization or other national emergency.
The decision to grant forbearance due to poor health or other acceptable reasons is determined by the Student Loan Department in the Office of Student Financial Services. Please contact Campus Partners to request a forbearance.


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