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The Student Loan Collection unit is primarily responsible for collecting all defaulted Federal Perkins, Health Professions and Institutional Loans. The department must follow federal due diligence guidelines which include using university personnel to contact defaulters, reporting accounts to credit bureaus, referring accounts to collection agencies, litigating accounts, and assigning accounts to the Federal Department of Education. The information below is posted in order to assist you. We can help prevent or cure defaulted loans. If you have questions or concerns regarding a defaulted loan, please feel free to contact Campus Partners.

Student Loan Statements are mailed 20 days prior to the due date. All student loan payments are due on the 1st of each month.

*If you do not receive your statement, your payment is still due.

Mail a check to:

Heartland ECSI (formerly Campus Partners)
3330 Healy Drive, Suite 105
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Telephone: 800-334-8609
Website to e-sign prom notes:

Make sure you put your Loan ID number on it and state that it is a student loan payment. Please make sure that your address is correct on Campus Partners System. You may call them at the above number or access your loan by going to

The United States Department of Education defines "default" as failure to make a scheduled payment when due or failure to submit to the Institution, on or before the date on which the payment is due, documentation that qualifies the student for a deferment, forbearance or cancellation provision listed in the loan's promissory note. As stated above, all student loan payments are due on the first of each month. Technically, all accounts unpaid on the 2nd of each month are in "default".


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