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Often, when students graduate or leave school, they find themselves in a great deal of debt. This large amount of debt can seem over bearing and they feel that their only way out is to file bankruptcy. Unfortunately, what some do not realize is that *Student Loans are exempt from discharge in a bankruptcy court under most circumstances.

We suggest you discuss your student loans with your attorney if you are considering bankruptcy.

If you decide to include your student loans in your debt as part of a bankruptcy case, please be aware that once we receive notice of the filing, we are unable to contact you in any way. You will not receive a statement, reminder letters, or offers of deferments and/or cancellation benefits available to you. It will be totally up to you to keep in touch with our office.

Accounts pending judgment in bankruptcy court continue to accrue interest monthly. Once the judgment is rendered and we are allowed to continue collection efforts, your account will then be due all payments, interest, and late fees accrued during the time period of the bankruptcy case. Sometimes, this can mean months of payments accruing with no contact with you, the borrower. What started out as a small delinquency becomes an extremely large one almost overnight.

We encourage you to contact Campus Partners any time that you feel that you are financially unable to meet your student loan obligations. They will do everything possible to help you avoid delinquency in your account.


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