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What if I do not have the SSB Menu Item?
Make sure that your Area Computing Coordinator requested the correct security.

What if I do not see my sponsored project?
Make sure you are a PI or a CO-PI. This is done by contacting Contracts and Grants Accounting.

What if I see someone who is not my employee?
It may be that they have a non-sponsored program that is listed from your area. If this is the case, either certify it or correct it with a SWT and certify it. If this is not the case, then the employee's home org may be listed incorrectly. Inform HR and ISS.

Who can unlock a document?
The dean's office can unlock the document.

Who is notified when a salary wage transfer is ready?
For sponsored projects, the Principal Investigator.

Who can sign off on a sponsored project?
Principal Investigators (PIs), Co-Principal Investigators (CO-PIs). Department heads, deans and associate deans of research of those PIs can also sign off in an emergency.

Who can sign off for Principal Investigators?
Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators. Department heads, deans and associate deans of research for those PIs and CO-PIs can sign off by proxy.

Who can sign off on a non-sponsored FOAPAL?
Department admins, department heads, salary wage transfer contacts, dean admins, deans, associate deans of research, financial managers

Is a Revised PAR required?
No. The reasoning is that the effort certification generated in the next quarter will certify the PAR and the SWT signatures certify the FOAPALs.



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